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TRICARE is the health care program for uniformed service members, retirees, and their families around the world. TRICARE provides comprehensive coverage to all beneficiaries, including: Health plans.

There are many different types of Tricare available depending on your status and location:

✅ Tricare for Active Duty Members & Dependents
✅ Tricare for Reservists, Guard Members & their Dependents
✅ Tricare for Overseas Members
✅ Retiree Tricare
✅ Tricare for Children Ages 18 - 26
✅ Dental Plans
✅ Pharmacy Plans
✅ Vision Plans
✅ Transitional Health Benefits for Recently Separated Members

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Health Plans

  • TRICARE Prime

  • TRICARE Prime Remote

  • TRICARE Prime Overseas

  • TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas

  • TRICARE Select

  • TRICARE Select Overseas

  • TRICARE For Life

  • TRICARE Reserve Select


TRICARE is a health program for:

• Uniformed Service members and their families,

• National Guard/Reserve membersIncludes members of the:

• Army National Guard

• Army Reserve

• Navy Reserve

• Marine Corps Reserve

• Air National Guard

• Air Force Reserve

• U.S. Coast Guard Reserve and their families,

• Survivors,Former spouses, Medal of Honor recipients and their families, and

• Others registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

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